Maintenance and repair of boats and yachts

Active operation, constant contact of the engine and transmission with seawater lead to the fact that all moving parts of the vessel are under continuous high load. The period of their uninterrupted operation is noticeably reduced without systematic attention and control over the state of the mechanisms. Regular maintenance and early forecasting of potential problems will help to increase the service life of your boat and prevent unnecessary costs. LSB service takes care of your comfort and safety on board. Our first-class yacht and boat service specialists in Dubai provide all types of services, including:

  • replacement of refill fluids and filters in the engine, transmission, steering and auxiliary hydraulic systems
  • maintenance and repair of ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems
  • lubrication and adjustment of mechanisms
  • diagnostics of all assemblies and auxiliary systems
  • diagnostics and repair of the fuel system
  • engine position adjustment
  • check and restoration of the shaft line and propellers
  • diagnostics, refueling and repair of air conditioning systems
  • flushing the cooling circuits of air conditioning systems

Diagnostics and repair of outboard motors

Please contact us if you suspect a problem with your boat's engine. We will run a diagnostic as soon as possible, determine the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it. LSB service center performs high-quality and professional repair of yacht (marine) engines and diesel generator sets.

You can order both restoration and major engine repairs from us. Our highly qualified mechanics work with suspended and stationary units, regardless of the type and brand of the power plant.

Installation and repair of electrical and electronic equipment

LSB-service is equipped with everything necessary for installation, diagnostics and repair of any electrical equipment, electronic systems and control units of marine boats and yachts in Dubai.

Our range of services includes:

  • diagnostics and repair of all kinds of ship electrical equipment
  • laying and repair of various electrical circuits
  • installation of switching and distribution boards
  • repair and installation of bilge pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms
  • installation of navigation and satellite equipment

Repair of air conditioning and refrigeration systems

LSB Service carries out the entire range of technical work for climate systems, refrigerators and ice machines operated in water transport. Thanks to our capabilities and extensive experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems you will not worry about the climate inside the yacht, while coming out to the open sea or walking along the picturesque canals of Dubai.

Installation of additional equipment

In addition to full maintenance of yachts and boats, we provide extended professional support and provide the following types of additional services:

  • installation of a VHF radiostation
  • installation of a stern and bow thruster
  • installation of an anchor winch
  • installation of additional sound signals
  • installation of additional fences, arches and equipment for fishing
  • installation of additional fuel tanks
  • installation of an autopilot and power steering
  • installation and connection of additional lighting and audio systems

Antifouling, polishing and painting of the body

Algae and mucus buildup on a yacht's hull can be a costly problem for the owner as it significantly reduces the boat's speed, maneuverability and performance. Timely antifouling coating avoids this problem for a long time.

For optimal protection against micro and macro fouling, we use special paints that take into account the main factors affecting the growth of the marine environment in the waters of the UAE.

Deck repair

Teak decks cannot be neglected and requires annual preventive maintenance. We are ready to take on qualified care of your boat's wooden coatings. At your service:

  • restoration of teak deck
  • replacement of the old teak floor
  • sanding the deck
  • varnishing of wooden exterior and interior parts
  • repair and restoration of awnings and covers

Salon repair

You can personalize the interior design of the boat, make it more modern and original by using the interior upholstery, replacing flexible glasses and accessories. You can order interior renovation both comprehensively and locally. For example, you can confine yourself to only upholstering the seats.

If the interior parts are worn out, cosmetic repairs will help to eliminate the deficiencies. With the help of modern technologies, our craftsmen will quickly bring the interior of the ship into excellent condition. After renovation, it will look like new!

Towing services

LSB service has the technical ability and extensive experience in the transportation of watercraft. If necessary, professional drivers in the minimum terms will tow your yacht, boat or jet ski using specialized vehicles.